Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vancouver 2010

When we found out, very much at the last moment, that we were able to get tickets to see Tanith and Ben skate in the Olympic Ice Dancing competition, we hurriedly booked flights and prepared for a trip to Vancouver. Arrangements had been made with a cousin to stay at his house in Maple Ridge and we were prepared for air mattresses on the floor. Little did we know that we would be treated with beds, our own kitchen (with stocked fridge), bathroom, fireplace and air hockey table!! It was much easier for us to get to Vancouver than Tanith and Ben, who were trapped in Philadelphia in a snow storm and nearly missed the opening ceremonies.

Our hosts, Colleen's cousin and his wife, couldn't have been more accommodating - we must get back for a visit when we don't have to be out running around to Olympic events. A rented van conveyed us around the city and we found no problem navigating or parking. Parking lots in the downtown core always had spots and homeowners near the Pacific Coliseum were only too happy to rent their driveways during events. We even parked, one night, inside someone's garage!

It was a pleasure to be together with family for an event as exciting as the Olympics. We've been to many competitions near and far, but this is the most family we've ever had together at one time, numbering 14 in all. We didn't get in a lot of sight-seeing, but that can come on another trip. This was a "Tanith's skating in the Olympics so let's be there" trip. We did get to Stanley Park and Granville Market - next trip we'll see the other stuff.

The weather was amazing - 13-15 degrees and sunny. We were quite taken with the sight of pleasure boats afloat in the marina in February on days warmer than some nights we've spent on Beau Rivage - hmmmm ... makes ya think.

So - until the next trip we're home stoking up the bank account. Check out the picture link on the right - Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Tanith and Ben - we're so proud of you.

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