Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Keep the dog in!!

These turkey vultures were circling over the house today and I thought it would be prudent to keep small animals inside. I lost count at 60!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We headed out to McDonald Island (Parks Canada) Friday after work and joined our boater friends for chili. Saturday morning they began preparing the annual boaters' Thanksgiving dinner - roasted turkey, smoked turkey, ham and vegetables galore. Topped off with pies of every description and 'special' coffee. There were (by my count) 27 of us. Singer and Mo-in-law joined us by dinghy. For many this is the last boating weekend of the season and it's a chance to get together and wish each other well for the winter. We had to come back in Saturday night and at 10:30 pm there wasn't a ripple on the river and the moon was as bright as daylight. Today we had a Skype-chat with PetDoc and Noise (and Buggy) and now we're off to the family Thanksgiving dinner.

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